Wednesday, October 14, 2015

.....and now a word about communication.

This is not part of my current blog series "Developing Strength as a Childbirth Educator".  These are observations I wanted to share with you.  Please indulge me.

I am convinced, for professionals, there needs to be Cardinal Rules of Communication.  In the past, we've had Miss Manners and Dear Abbey to keep us in line and in check.  Or Sister Marie who was the Queen of verbology and punctuation (at least for me in elementary school).  

But today - we got 'nuthin.  It's a communications free-for-all out there.  So I've developed Connie's 10 Cardinal Rules of Communication.  Here we go:

  1. If you are writing, please use proper punctuation.  Not sure when to punctuate?  Don't remember basic English from school?  No worries.  Having gone to Purdue University in West Lafayette Indiana, I am proud to say that Purdue has a great website for writers: The Purdue OWL.  No, not the bird "owl" but an "online writing lab".  Click here for punctuation assistance. The bottom line with punctuation is be consistent.  Or in this case, consistently proper!
  2. When technical writing, you may not have to be AS concerned about your participles dangling or gerunds or prepositional phrases.  But if you are writing for a blog or other things that are somewhat prose, consider the Mechanics section of the Purdue OWL.  Click here.
  3. Need a powerful grammar software program?  Look no farther - click here.
  4. When responding to email, one great thing to add is an email signature block.  This can include your name, occupation, contact information and even graphics or logo for your business or organization.  This is extremely helpful if someone would like to contact you - they will always know how if they have an email from you. Plus it is free advertising for your business with each email!  Click here for more.
  5. With email, it is so easy to forward or respond to emails with a click of the mouse. Think before you respond to an email.  Think harder before you forward.  You just might forward the wrong thing to the wrong person and be in a very hot situation.  Emails do not carry the basic elements of communication: body language, voice inflection and tone.  Due to this, emails can be taken the wrong way.  Be aware!
  6. What about posting on social media?  What is enough? Too much?  Too little?  Many of these questions can be answered by you, depending on why you are using social media. Are you on Facebook to promote your business or just stay active with friends and family? The frequency with which you post and WHAT you post let's people get an inside view of you or your business.  This blog entry from 2012 maybe a few years old, but it still packs a punch!  Click here to read.
  7. And just to add to #5.  When on social media, regardless of the reason as to why you post, you might consider not posting graphic, cruel or disturbing words or images.  What you post reflects on you and your future employer may be looking at your page!
  8. Need to polish or even create your resume or CV?  Not sure what the difference is?  Whether you are job seeking or getting ready to write an abstract to apply for next year's round of conferences, you'll want to look great on paper.  Click here for help!
  9. There is a method to creating PowerPoint presentation too!  Not sure how to begin?  What about the number of words per slide?  Should you have animations or transitions?  Graphics?  Want a great step by step how-to for PowerPoints?  Click here!
  10. What about blogs?  LaShay has done a great job for those who are visual learners.  She helps you set up and begin running your new blog in just a few minutes.  Read?  See the video below.

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